Insurance Consulting

Filing / Product Design

We prepare and submit filings, including memos, premium/expense exhibits and rule exception documents. We help insurance companies tailor their coverages, limits, deductibles and wording to ensure customer needs are met and the portfolio grows profitably.

Pricing and analytics

We combine best practice data science and statistical tools with market knowledge of existing filings to ensure recommended rating plans are sound and will be approved by regulators.


We help companies navigate the world of reinsurance. Each case is different, so we regularly partner with market-specific brokers and fronting carriers.

System Development and Administration

Policies and claims

We support claim systems' policy and exposure validation and provide policy administration systems that can be customized and hosted either locally or in the cloud.

Data warehousing

We help insurers and agencies with the data warehousing, ensuring the right data is always available in the most helpful format.

Online reporting and analysis tools

We help insurers and agencies get the most out of business reporting, ensuring decision makers always have access to key information and that their advisers can make recommendations in the most compelling way.

Agent/Broker Support

Business formation

We advise on agent licensing requirements, entity formation and connecting specialists with complementary service providers all along the value chain.

Go to market strategy

We advise startups on various go-to market strategies including making best use of fronting arrangements, forming MGAs, co-brokering or how to re-purpose data assets for use in the insurance industry.

Lead generation

We use innovative methods to connect insurance customers with agents, brokers and carriers.

Customer Stories

UberBLACK, Philadelphia

Bennett P., UberBLACK Philadelphia Operations Manager

When we first launched UberBLACK in Philadelphia, the insurance agency we partnered with had very cumbersome operations, relying on fax communication, only communicating during business hours and with long delays that slowed our operations. The hands off approach by that insurance agent required our insurance carrier to invoice Uber per change, with much administrative overhead leading to a strained relationship. We turned to KibaTech and KibaLife Insurance Services to work with our operations manager in flowcharting our current process and identifying points of inefficiency at each touch point between our agent, our insurance carrier and us. KibaTech modernized the vehicle administration system, enabling us to log in to their system and execute our operations in real time, 24 hours /day. KibaTech's online system also took control of invoicing, batch processing of renewals and instant issuance of insurance ID cards. The new system enables us to serve our partners faster and our relationship with our insurance carrier is more efficient than it has ever been.

Allstate Agency

Doug Eisold, Allstate Agent

Up until a year ago I occasionally wrote auto coverage for rideshare drivers. Drivers didn’t really know where to go to get rideshare coverage or even which insurers provided rideshare endorsements. It required quite a bit of work for drivers to find me and for me to find drivers. This became more complicated when regulators specified that each driver's personal auto coverage needed a Period 1 endorsement. Drivers had to navigate a complex web of legal requirements and insurance jargon when all they really wanted to do was get coverage and start driving. Then I decided to partner with KibaTech’s new platform RideShareCover connecting Uber drivers with agents specializing in rideshare endorsements. Drivers use RideShareCover to contact agents from multiple carriers at once by submitting a single form. Drivers know that through RideShareCover I am able provide the coverage they need at competitive rates.

Our Amazing Team

Amit Verma


Amit graduated from Lancaster University in England and started his actuarial career in 2001 with Farmers Insurance Group working on pricing personal lines auto and homeowners insurance and reserving workers compensation. He then joined RMS as a product manager for the financial module of their catastrophe modelling software. Since 2010 he has been assisting various startup companies in Silicon Valley with their unique insurance needs as well as consulting with mid-size insurance carriers.

Insurance 2.0

Insuring the Sharing Economy & Sharing the Insurance Economy

The following research paper was presented to members of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) during the 2015 Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar and was subsequently a General Session at the CAS Spring Meeting.

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